Where would you rather be #31?

02.08.17 | #wherewouldyouratherbewednesday, Travel


#wherewouldyouratherbe ¦ #31 2015 08 15 Reinhardtsdorf-schoena, German Czech Border

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It’s time to be brave … Are you ready to dream big?

Afraid to quit your job?

Stuck in a rut?

Don’t know what to do?

Too many reasons stopping you?

 Think again! No excuses!

I did it and so can you …

Transformational journeys …

… want to cycle along the Rhine alone, recuperate at an Ayurveda retreat or cross the ocean on a container ship?

Bucket list journeys …

… want to cycle along the Austrian Danube, visit Robben Island or drive Route 66?

Weird and wonderful

… want to cycle the length of the Elbe, visit the slave trade sites of West Africa or circumnavigate the globe?

More information below to set you on your transformational journey

QUESTION: So where would you rather be?

Comment below.


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