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A journey of discovery through various parts of Africa – a journey on the outside becomes a journey on the inside.

Soul searching for his true calling, Pete Martin is invited to a volunteering project – developing a football (soccer) academy in Ghana, where he experiences the joy of providing housing, schooling and training to street children. Martin then finds joy and amazement in the elephant parks, ostrich farms and penguin sanctuaries of South Africa before taking a poignant visit to Robben Island and an emotional trip to a township kindergarten.
Car accidents, conflicting desires and competition hinder the football academy’s progress, so Martin journeys to Morocco. The ups and downs of the landscape combined with the joy and frustration experienced in the imperial cities become metaphors for the struggles in finding his bliss. The author comes to terms with the change in his life stage, from one of achievement to now one of quiet satisfaction, of being able to now say no to being indiscriminately busy and committing only to the right things, of surrendering to the present and enjoying the now.
Back in Ghana, Martin spends more time with the young boys who dream of ‘making it’ to Europe for a better life and wonders if they should have such big dreams when the likelihood is that they will never achieve them. The lessons learned with the academy and with Africa itself become symbols for those in life.
After the academy, Martin visits the harrowing remains of the slave trade sites in São Tomé, Ghana and Senegal, which can be observed only with humbleness and horror and yet they, and the friendliness of the people of these countries, provide a new perspective. A local healer in São Tomé provides an insight into shamanic journeying and, finally, in Cape Verde Martin comes to terms with the beauty of Africa and its people, realising that happiness and joy can so easily be found.

The journey provides ample opportunity to get to grips with life and how we should live it. There is no road to happiness, as happiness is the road.


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