Revolutions: Wandering and Wondering on a Sabbatical Year.


A transformational journey

One man’s soul searching journey to rekindle his health and his love of life …
… from being battered and beaten in Berlin to circumnavigating the world.

What happens when your “normal” life falls apart and you have to start over?

Exhausted from life and from work, I embark on a soul searching journey to rekindle my love for life. Initially the revolutions of the bicycle wheels provide a backdrop to the beginnings of a revolution within me, before I journey around the world by train and ship.

Join me on this transformational journey. It will inspire you to never give up on your dreams.

This is great read for anyone who questions the wisdom of being in the high pressure life we all seem to lead. A global trip that is both absorbing and educational: peppered with the authors dry humoured comments and anecdotes.

Amazon Review

“Pete Martin’s book Revolutions is so much more than a book about travel. Brutal in his truthfulness about his life and yet refreshingly honest in understanding Pete not only guides you through his travels around the world, but also through his personal journey to find purpose and meaning in his life after dramatic and unprecedented change. If you love international history, yearn to explore the world but aren’t sure how or simply want to share the experiences of someone at a crossroads in life, perhaps a place you find yourself too, then Revolutions is the book for you.”

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Hear me chat about Revolutions on BBC Radio

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The journey

in pictures

2013 10 19 Caricou
2014 02 07 Moscow #3, Kremlin, Assumption Cathedral
2014 02 25 Kamakura, Diabutsu
2014 03 21 Seattle


and travelling companions

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.”

Danny Kaye

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

J. R. R. Tolkien

“A fantastic book that also inspires you to think. Pete describes his journey with a lot of humour. I could hardly put it out of my hand, because it is so excitingly written and I always wanted to know how Pete finds his way.”

Amazon Review (Germany)

“A Scouse Bill Bryson …”

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Articles extracted from Revolutions free to read