“Mount Koya – Beware of Bears!” finally published in Elsewhere: A Journal of Place.

27.11.17 | Japan, Revolutions, Travel

My article “Mount Koya – Beware of Bears”, extracted from “Revolutions”, has just been published in Elsewhere: A Journal of Place.

Mount Koya - Beware of Bears in Elsewhere ¦ 2014 02 28 Mount Koya #1
Reading time: 4 minutes.

This is the story of the Karukaya, wandering the Kongobuji & Danjo Garan and spending the night in a shukubo … Mount Koya: Beware of Bears (published 15th November 2017).


This was a follow up piece to the previously published article in Elsewhere on Mount Koya … Mystical Mount Koya (published 22nd February 2017).

Between the article being submitted to Elsewhere: A Journal of Place and publication, it has been published elsewhere (pardon the pun):

In Japan Travel: Mount Koya: Beware of Bears (published 8th March 2017)

In Dave’s Travel Corner: Mount Koya: Beware of Bears (published 8th June 2017)

Of course, if you enjoy Japan read the full Japan Travel series.

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