Fantafrica: Wandering and Wondering across Africa.

One man’s search for meaning in life’s third stage; there is no road to happiness, happiness is the road.

Pete Martin ¦ Revolutions: Wandering and Wondering on a Sabbatical Year.

One man’s soul searching journey to rekindle his health and his love of life; from being battered and beaten in Berlin to circumnavigating the world.


“Sea Legs and Land Ahoy.” My Journey Crossing the Pacific Ocean by Container Ship, Part 4.

Ever wondered how it feels to cross the Pacific Ocean by container ship? The fourth and final article extracted from “Revolutions” about travelling across the Pacific Ocean on a container ship. @cargocruise

Where would you rather be #60?


Sweet Intoxication.

Totally “grogued” in Cape Verde!

Where would you rather be #59?


The Lure of Africa. Fantafrica Football in The Football Pink, Part 5.

The fifth adapted and extensive extract on “Fantafrica Football” to be featured in The Football Pink.

Where would you rather be #58?


Journey to the East. All aboard the Paris Berlin Moscow Express.

#trainsformationaljourneys #letthetraintakethestrain #slowtravel #traintravel #europebyrail
Journey to the East. All aboard the Paris-Berlin-Moscow Express.

Where would you rather be #57?


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The above are my recent blogs.

You will find my journals describing how I wandered in the ancient temples of Japan, cycled in Sri Lanka, travelled on the Trans-Siberian Railway, survived an Ayurveda retreat in India and how I was brave enough to take a sabbatical to get my life back together.

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“It is fatal to know too much at the outset. Boredom comes as quickly to the traveller who knows his route as the novelist who is over-certain of his plot.”

 Paul Theroux

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It can be anything from ‘joyful journeys’ – being the only passenger crossing the Pacific Ocean on a container ship or giving donated football kit to street children in Ghana; to ‘mind, body and spirit’ – being treated by a shamanic healer on the equatorial island of São Tomé; or on ‘the power of change’ – coming to terms with marriage again or living life to the full by slowing down.

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